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All assortment goes through demanding process of treating

Our team of qualified specialists, who are with their gentle approach, long- term experience and the help of professional equipment a guarantee of superior product.


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Metal removal

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Final product

We have more than 1.000 m³ of old wood in store

Our products

Old building wood that is saved for your stylish building.


Exclusively handcrafted beams

These beams are particularly suitable for roof constructions and facades. They can be also used for interiors and furniture production. More »


Floorboards or tiling boards and madrie

These planks are suitable for floors or tiling of interiors. Madrie (cut boards from beams) ale most frequently used as tiling of facades. More »

Multilayered panels

Three or more layered brushed boards

The possibility of double - sided production. It means that both sides have original surface due to the choice of original patina. More »


Lamellas from floorboards

Lamellas treated the way to excel original appearance. They are suitable for pressing of 3 layered panels as a visual top layer. More »


Semi - product from different kinds of boards

Semi - product with two sides surface, intended to production of doors with original patina of old wood. More »

We have been successfully operating on trade since 2006

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